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At Manchester Community Church our goal is to lead people to Jesus Christ, and to equip them to live fully and wonderfully for Him. We pursue this goal by focusing our efforts in the following areas:

The Reading and Study of God's Word

In an age that has worshiped human opinion and forsaken God's revelation, we have committed to make the Bible our principle source for true wisdom. Because of this, we believe that the center of any fruitful life will be the serious reading and study of God's word.

Biblical Preaching

Because of the central position of God's word in our church, Biblical preaching and teaching forms the backbone of what we do when we gather as the body of Christ. The Bible, when it is allowed to speak for itself, has the unique ability to show us who God is and what He wants, and has the power to transform our lives so that we can please Him.

Living by Love

God's greatest commands are to love Him with our whole hearts, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. The best way to learn to do this is within a community that models and encourages Christ-like love. Our ministries are driven by love because we serve a God who is love.

Strengthening Families for the Glory of God

Of all the institutions given to us by God, the family has come under the greatest attack. Financial stress, broken relationships, poor parenting skills, a culture of rebellion, and unfettered individualism have all contributed to our dilemma. Broken or whole, despairing or secure, single or many: together, we are a family of God's children seeking to encourage godly fathers, godly mothers, and godly children.

Christ Centered Worship

Rather than focusing on the latest trends in secular music, we unashamedly pursue Christ centered music that is different than you sometimes find these days. Instead of seeking to entertain the worldly, we seek to involve the worshiper for the glory and adoration of our Lord. 

Proclaiming Christ to the Unbelieving World

Whether by word or by deed, in Manchester or in the far reaches of the world, we desire to bring the light of God's Son into the darkness of fallen hearts, realizing that the power of Christ is the only sufficient source of life and peace for our broken human condition.

If you do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or do not have a church home to encourage your walk with the Lord, or are interested joining with us as we follow our Savior, we heartily encourage you to come join us for a time of worship, prayer and study. You will always be welcome. 

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